The Issues…

TERM LIMITS: I do support term limits and believe that local levels of government should not be an exception. The incumbent in Position 2 on the Marysville City Council has been a Councilwoman in Marysville for 24 years already. While she did have a brief 2 year break, I feel that it’s time for a change.

FIRE/EMS: After personally looking into the situation by spending time speaking with fire officials and seeing first-hand what some of their concerns are, I am of the opinion that our EMS & Fire Services are in need of more personnel, updated equipment, increased training time and new/updated facilities.

TRANSPORTATION: Our city leaders have come up with a fine 6 Year Plan to alleviate some of the current traffic issues and prepare us for the inevitable growth-related issues of the future as best they can forecast. As good as the Plan may be today, there will no doubt be unforeseen issues that will arise as the city continues to grow. I would like to see an annual review in order to make the necessary course corrections as these issues arise.

ECONOMIC GROWTH: Marysville is not known for being a business-friendly city. We have an opportunity and with it an obligation to foster a healthy business atmosphere for our current businesses and to encourage the right businesses to come and make Marysville their home. To do that we need to be attractive to businesses. To that end I will work with the City and the County to facilitate the completion of the new MIC (Manufacturing Industrial Center) to our north side. I would also love to see our south side waterfront developed into a destination retail marketplace for locals and tourists alike. Just imagine a Marysville Public Market loaded with local and regional retailers, shops, restaurants, breweries, distilleries & wineries as you walk alongside the cobblestone pedestrian-only streets along the waterway.